JPOPS Customs

Bespoke, Hand-crafted sneakers


Bespoke & Hand-crafted: all of our sneakers are created by the unique ideas each client brings to our design meetings. Completely custom, designed for you. Due to the individual nature of each pair of JPOPS Customs shoes, please email us with any questions you may have or to setup a virtual design meeting.

There are shoes available for purchase below. Look for the "BUY NOW" badge and click the shoe!

HTown AF1 Mid

Blue Nike Court Royale Mid

Chocolate Lovers Levis High

Puma High

Cork Levis High

Murakami Pony Highs

Ukraine Adidas

Tie-dye Bandana Adidas

De Los Muertos AF1

"Tread Well" Nike Court Royal 2 Mid

LV Rainbow Nike Court Royale Mid

Spartan AF1 Mid

Joker AF1 Lows

Greek Key Adidas Grand Court Low

Loius V Puma

BunB AF1

Antonio Brown's Cleats

TB81 Antonio Brown Cleats

Houston Meets Athens Adidas

Ancient Greece AF1

Pastels AF1

Flowers AF1 High

El Tri AF1 Low

Lil' Flip's Squid Game AF1

Avengers Adidas

Dragon Ball Z Court Vision Low


Disney Princesses Adidas

Lil' Flip's Breaking Bad AF1

Chef Aki Adidas Grand Court Low

Scrooge AF1

2Pac & DJ Screw Adidas Grand Court Low


Introducing a new line of custom Houston-themed shirts. Our unique true-to-Houston shirts are 100% cotton and available in all sizes. Items are available for sale. Look for the "BUY NOW" badge.

Red "Be Someone" Shirt

Purple "Screwston" Shirt

White "City of Syrup" Shirt


My name is John and I am the founder of JPOPS Customs based in Houston, TX. We specialize in in creating one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art in the form of custom sneakers. Each sneaker is individually handcrafted to the customer's specifications thus making each sneaker unique.


Leave us a message in the form below if you're interested in starting a design or if you have any other questions.
call/text: 713.498.8374